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During recording

  • Shoot your video according to your own rules in an automated studio.

  • You don't need a team of editing and processing specialists, you do everything yourself. 

  • Recording starts with a single button and all settings are already set. 



Actions of the video studio operator

  1. Will explain and demonstrate all the functions of the studio

  2. Agree on the format of the shooting

  3. Will help to prepare a presentation according to the technical requirements of the studio

  4. Gives instructions before the shooting (coordinates clothes to match the colour of the chosen background, tells about the basic principles of correct work in the frame).

  5. Teaches to use a transparent board and markers

  6. Provide all necessary gadgets and teach them how to use them correctly during the shoot

  7. Customise the lighting equipment

  8. Will control the teleprompter according to the pace of speech

  9. Coordinates gestures and articulation for professional presentation of material

  10. Adjusts the image individually

  11. Will link to the video immediately after filming

  12. Record the material on media

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