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Rent the studio in Lisbon and create your finest video course!

  • Professional light, sound, camera and unique features that no other solution offers.
  • You'll be able to engage, be more interesting and understandable than the competition, thanks to innovative technology.
  • Draw, move objects, highlight, zoom, make notes and finalise your presentation during the webinar and get maximum efficiency!
  • You only need a speaker to operate, with no additional team costs.

The top-rated video production technology of 2023, according to the experts

  • One-click special effects on the go

  • Do It Yourself, fully automated production

  • Live broadcast features in any app (Zoom, Teams, Google Meet and more)


3 times quicker

Light, sound, camera, and the background are always set up and ready for work. All the speaker has to do is press a button and start recording. Once the recording is over, the video is good to go and any bad shots may be deleted. All that's left is quick editing – put together the good takes and you're done!



1/4 of the cost

Video production does not require a camera crew or editors. The process is meticulously developed and set up to be as simple and accessible as possible. No extra costs.



Full HD or 4K video, clear sound. The final product satisfies the most demanding clients. Used by the Top Education Platforms and even high-level governmental bodies.


Create videos for training and business



- Stress-free work

- Presentation techniques are easy to learn

- Audience learns faster, understands better



- Save money and time

- Client meeting - leave a lasting impression

- Online class - explain complicated things

- Team meeting - work better together

Let's compare the preparation of a training course on the example of the preparation of an 8 hour training course

Conventional video studio
Time: 18 days
Team: 5 people
Cost: 2 500 EURO
Time: 12 days
Team: 2 people
Cost: 620 EURO

The full cost of a video course is made up of:

1) The number of Studio rent hours.
2) The number of editing hours, if editing is done by our specialist.
3) The price of preparing and modifying your presentation, if it is done by our specialist.

Take a short survey, book a demo hour and film your next course at Studio!

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