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How best to prepare
for the shoot

Prepare all materials for the shoot before coming to the studio.

1. Text for prompter. Recommendations for the design of the prompter text

2. Presentation. Recommendations for creating a presentation

If you are unsure about the presentation, send us the initial information to before the shoot and we will prepare the presentation in the right format.

Rehearse your performance along with your presentation
  • For a speaker with little shooting experience, the whole process can seem daunting, even if they are an expert in their subject. A good rehearsal will help to reduce the shooting time and make the recording process faster and more productive.

  • If you plan to record your video in parts, it's worth paying attention to how you divide them up before you film.

  • Don't divide by the number of slides, let alone by sentence or paragraph.

  • Stick to dividing by the semantic parts of your presentation: welcome, introduction, module 1, etc.

  • Gluing between takes is noticeable, but if the takes are divided by meaning, it looks organic.

  • To make the gluing of takes look more natural, use interludes

  • The interruption can be a slide without a speaker with the title of the next lesson.

  • A video fragment that fits into the story is also suitable.

  • Interruptions are good in moderation, 2-3 for a 10 minute video will be enough.

  • If you plan to record an interactive video using a pencil, marker and moving objects, make sure you remember at what point in the video you are going to realise this.

Choose comfortable clothing
  • The right clothes for the shoot will give you confidence and eliminate discomfort. It is important that you feel comfortable looking at yourself in the studio screens.

  • Choose your clothes so they don't blend in with the background of the studio/

  • Do not wear:

- Dark coloured clothes - for filming on a black background, white coloured clothes - for filming on a white background;

- Clothes with inscriptions or drawings (they will be mirrored in the video);

- Clothes with very fine checks, very narrow stripes or clothes with coarse knitting - they create distortion of the picture in the video;

- Clothes made of fabric that creates extraneous noise;

- Clothes with reflective elements.

Do a run-through of the presentation along with the text of the talk
  • Bring materials to the studio on a flash drive or send them to in advance.

  • If you send your presentations with a link to Disc, make sure we will have access to view and download them.

  • If your presentation was made in Power Point format, it is better to send the original file rather than the pdf immediately. If there are errors on the slide, we will not be able to make corrections to the pdf file.

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