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How to use shooting
time efficiently

Make the recording in takes
  • We believe that every speaker can record material in one take. But if it doesn't work out that way, we recommend recording in takes. Especially if you planned it from the very beginning before the shooting:)

  • If you don't manage to record the intended take, just press "stop" and go back to the beginning of the meaningful phrase. In the editing, you can easily glue the necessary takes together.

  • Some people find it easier to record a video in one continuous take, including all reservations and unfortunate moments. This option also exists, but from our experience we can say that the option of gluing successful takes together is easier to realise on the editing stage.

Allow for pauses at the beginning and end of the take
  • After pressing the "record" button, pause for 1-2 seconds and then start speaking. The intonation should go up. These couple of seconds can be cut out, but you will not be able to return the accidentally cut off beginning of speech.

  • There is a similar pause rule before the end of the recording. Finish the text and look at the camera, and then you can look for the "stop" button. Accordingly, the intonation should go downwards towards the end.

Changing positions during takes
  • Try not to change your location and pose between takes.

  • Choose a comfortable pose in which you will end the take and begin the next one.

  • It is important to pay attention to the part of the frame where you stood in the last take, your hair and hands.

Take control mode
  • In the studio, you can switch on "take control mode". It allows you to sort takes into "good" and "bad" during recording.

  • After pressing the "stop" button, the system will offer you to decide what to do with this video file: save, delete or watch it.

  • When you delete a file, a failed folder is created, which is automatically transferred to the video.

  • When deleting a file, a failed folder is created to which the video is automatically transferred. To activate this feature, please contact your studio administrator.

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