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Creating presentations

  • Prepare your presentation so that there is room for you in the frame

  • If your presentation is saved in PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, export it to PDF format. Remember that when you export to PDF, all interactive elements will become static.

  • The speaker is part of the slide, so the slide elements should surround, not overlap it. On the slide, leave a blank space where the speaker should be, and when recording, take the prepared space.

  • Avoid text and picture colours that are similar to the background used. Instead, use contrasting colours.

  • To make text visible, use a font size: a minimum of 48 pt for headings and a minimum of 36 pt for content.

  • If you are more comfortable using a third-party editor, when working with it, use a template that already provides space for a speaker. The template is available at:

- Template Black

Template White

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