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How to save and use
the footage

Video file transfer
  • We transfer all recorded files on the day of the shoot as a link to an external Disc. We create a folder with access only for you in advance. You can keep the link for yourself, as all future files will also be downloaded via this link. We only create a new folder with the new date of shooting.

  • Please note that all files are kept on the Drive for 3 months, then we delete them. Make sure you have time to download them.

Video editing
  • After proper shooting, the easiest thing to do in editing is to cut the beginning and the end of the takes and glue them together.

  • Any free editor will do, for example, DaVinci Resolve.

  • Back-to-back stitching, i.e. stitching takes together without additional effects is preferred, but not the only one. In Adobe Premiere this can be found under the name of video transitions. For example, dissolving, dipping into black / white.

  • In the montage you can tweak the slide, add titles, trim interjections or cut out redundant information if necessary.

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